What we appreciate most about being a part of your marriage ceremony is getting to participate in one of your many life adventures!  Whatever your union means to you, we want to capture your love and partnership in ways that are authentic and reflect your vibe.  Forest fairytale wedding?  We feel you.  Unique family tradition?  Tell us more.   

For your marriage ceremony, we bring great energy, creativity, and a true appreciation for details of love.  Contact us to see how we can create a lasting memory of your beautiful celebration.


It was amazing to film Meghan and Sam’s wedding.  From their adorable son Gunnar, to the picturesque Holly Hedge, to the loving circle of family and friends, to smores late in the evening- what was evident during their celebration was how much love and happiness there was.  It was truly radiating from them, and it warmed the entire wedding into a hazy fun glow that was only made better by a visit from a late night food truck.  Meghan and Sam planned an evening that showed the balance of tradition with punk ethos, and enough groomsmen to form a football team.  Cheers to Meghan and Sam!  We wish you a lifetime of health and happiness! Here you’ll see the Instagram teaser reel, as well as their full wedding video.


Rachel and Jonathan’s wedding was a pleasure to participate in!  A week prior to their wedding date, we realized that we knew Rachel from years ago- making the gig even more special.  Rachel and Jonathan had a real Buffalo wedding and pulled out all of the stops from celebrating at Asbury Hall and making the very wise choice to go with Paula’s Doughnuts for dessert.  What we’ll remember most were the quiet moments spent between Rachel and Jonathan dancing together in the empty hall, the epic bridal party photo shoot around the city, and of course, Perillo and Perillo Law.  Cheers to Rachel and Jonathan!


We love filming weddings, and we love working with wedding photographers.  But on June 18, we had the pleasure of photographing Connor and Molly’s wedding.  It was a fairytale wedding – literally – that took place at Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario.  After the ceremony, we headed over to the ferris wheel to take some fun photos!  It was truly a magical celebration!